The facts...

In 2010, Site Selection magazine ranked the state as the 2nd states in the country that has favorable climatic condition for business and various establishments. Due to the growth and developments of business in the state, the state has been awarded thrice by same Site Selection magazine for the Governor’s cup awards. The state’s Gross Domestic Profit as of 2010 is about $478,000,000,000. This make the state to be the 7th largest city out of the 50 states in United States for business and investments. Due to their friendly tax system towards business and organizations, the state was ranked 10th among other states.

Many of the people who lived in the state are majorly Christians while few are of other religion. About 76% of the total population of the city were identified as Christians. Few percentage, specifically 26% are evangelical Protestants, while 21% are Roman Catholic. Some of the Ohioans do not count religion as a very important thing while few percentage, about 15%, believed that religion is useless and not important at all.

The most famous state?

Ohio State

Of the 50 United States, Ohio is the 7th most famous state and the 34th largest state when compared to other states. It takes the 10th place in the list of most densely populated city. Its state capital which is also the largest city in the state is Columbus. Ohio is situated in the Midwestern part of United State.

The name of the state, being called ohi – yo in Iroquois’ language, is interpreted as a large creek or a great river. Aforetime, this state has normally been known as Buckeye state, and the inhabitants are referred to as the Buckeyes. The name Buckeye is associated with Buckeye tree that is found in the state.

The communication

Ohio has well – constructed highways and it is the state that is linking the Midwest and the Northeast together; hence, a lot of cargo and business traffic usually passes through its border. Its southern boundary is demarcated by the Ohio River while the northern boundary is marked by Lake Erie. Most of the Ohio River belongs to Kentucky and West Virginia. During the summer, it is usually hot throughout the state while the winters.

Population history

The state was made up of 45000 residents in 1800. For every 10 years, the population of the city increased by 10%. By 1970, the state has grew enormously to a population of about 11 million residents. The growth of the state in terms of population was slowed down for the next 40 years. As of the 1st of July, 2014, the US census recorded about 11, 594, 163 population of Ohians. This was just 0.5% increase in the state’s population in 2010 according to United State census which was conducted in 2010. The city where there is greater density of people as of 2000 is the Morrow Region. The percentage of residents that were under the age of 5 is 6.2%, while the percentage of under 18 years residents were 23.7% and about 14.1% of the population of the state were older than 65 years of age. The percentage of the females that occupied the state were 51.2% of the total population.

household income
Ohio’s average household income around forty six thousand dollars ($46,000) as of 2007. Its unemployment rate as of 2010 was 10.7%. In the month of May of that same year, about 17000 new employments were created. The state’s per capital income is approximately $34,500. About 82.9% of the total population of the city as of 2007 live above the standard poverty line.

industrial state
Ohio is the largest industrial state by GDP percentage. This is because its manufacturing and financial business activities make up about 18.3 percent of its GDP. They are commonly known for the production of plastics, appliances and other electrical equipment, fabricated, fabricated metals and rubber.

Ohio’s government

Ohio’s government is made up of the executive branch which is led by the governor of the state, the legislative branch led by the Assembly of the state and the branch led by the Supreme Court – the judiciary branch. Six out of the presidents of United States claimed Ohio to be their state due to its electoral significance.

If the governor of the state is removed from office, a lieutenant governor take his place and does the responsibilities assigned by the governor. There are three levels in the judicial branch of Ohio, the lowest level is usually called the court of common pleas. The middle level of its court system is the district court while the highest level of court in the state is the Supreme Court. It is the last resort court in the state. The legislative branch is made up of the senate and the House of Representatives. There are 33 regions with a representative in the senate while the house of representatives is made up ninety and nine members.

Education system

Ohio education system is identical to the system being adopted in other states. Ohio State Board of Education controls the primary and secondary school education system while the University system of Ohio is being govern by the Ohio Board of Regents. It is one of the largest state higher institution or university in the United State because over four hundred thousand students are being enrolled yearly.

Some of the university in Ohio are Central State University in Wilberforce, Kent state University in Kent, Ohio University in Athens, University of Toledo in Toledo, The University of Akron in Akron, and many other state universities. There are about 46 private colleges and institutions. Great and fascinating libraries are also found in the states. Example includes the Columbus Metropolitan Library.


There are diverse of languages that are being spoken in the city. Examples include French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and so on. But the predominant language being spoken is English languages.

Ohio is a very good and nice place to be, more importantly for the business owners or investors who want to maximize their capital return in short time as well as be in a less risky or business friendly environment.

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